We imported Trovador II from Spain in 1999.  He was bred by
D. Samuel Vilaire Cifre  /  Yeguada Vilaire.

Before his importation Trovador II accumulated many gold and silver
awards in "Conformation" and "Best Movement".  In addition he was just
beginning a dressage career before importation.
This page is not big enough to list all of his awards but some of his
Championships are listed below...

1991  Championships - First Place and Gold Medal as a yearling
1991  Championships - Best Movement
1993  Championships - First Place and Gold Medal 3 year olds
1994  Championships - Silver Medal 4, 5 and 6 year olds
1995  Championships - First Prize and Gold Medal 4, 5 and 6 year olds
1995  Championships - CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS Pura Raza Espanola
1996  Championships - Silver Medal 4, 5 and 6 year olds
1996  Championships - Sub-Champion of Pura Raza Espanola

Trovador's sire Belico III is from the famed Terry stud in Spain, among his
accomplishments are many championships including being named the "National
Champion of Spain" in 1984.  Belico III was the last Terry horse to stand at
the Terry Stud and Rumasa before being purchased by Sr. Vilaire.

Trovador's siblings.....

Sicab 2001         Judio VII (brother) Silver Medal Champion of Spain

Sicab 2005        Judio VII - (brother) Silver Medal Champion of Spain
Sicab 2005        Cantinera 49 - (Neice) Bronze Medal 3 year old fillies
Sicab 2005        Faraona XLIV - (Sister) Top Ten
Sicab 2005        Cobra of Mares - Faraona, Islera, Belica - (Sisters)  Top 10
Trovador's mother, a bay mare from the Marin Garcia stud in Spain a
Champion too.  Her accomplishments boast gold medals in "Conformation" and
"Best Movement" as well as "Overall Champion in Best Movement".   
Trovador's conformation, type and movement are a testament to his breeding.  
His extension and impulsion from behind is extraordinary, not just for an
Andalusian but for any breed.  Trovador II is the sire of the imported bay
stallion Almirante XLVIII.

Trovador stands 16.1 hands.  He has sired bay, black and grey foals.  He
passes on his presence and gentle nature, which is the haulmark of the
Andalusian Horse.
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