This is the house and "color-wise" the starting point for the entire project.
All of the out buildings are going to be a combination of grey, black and blue...or as close as we can get!
We are under way!!!!
These are the changes that have all ready happened and some that  I am going to make.
POOF!    it's gone!
The barn it's new location
May 9, 2004  -  Moving the shed...
We put on new siding and painted the shed on the side where the dog fence was being installed
We have a new dog run.  We had the fence professionally installed and we are putting on the shade covers
July 17 and 18 - We hired a bulldozer and operator for a couple of days to level out our new
construction area.  Photos above are the end of day one and the end of day two.  Foundation
is next!
On Tuesday July 20th, 2004
For any of you who have been watching the news, you know the most recent California fire was in
my backyard.  The canyon was evacuated on Tuesday night.  The amount of strangers that came
from miles away to help evacuate horses and homes was staggering...strangers who heard on the
news that the horse community of Acton was on fire.  Truck and after another after
another.  All of my horses were evacuated in less than half an hour by people who I have never met
and I'm not sure if I will ever be able to find all of them to say thank you.   Tuesday night the
officers at the blockade were not letting anyone in unless it was a truck and horse trailer.  I hitched
a ride from up near the highway with someone with a truck to get to my house.  Once there I found
my Dwight T all ready there with the horse trailer hooked up and loading horses.  His baby blues got
him past the female cop at the check point.  We, a brigade of strangers, Dwight and myself,
evacuated the horses to yet another strangers home.  After settling the horses in to what I was
hoping to be a temporary home we returned to my house, through the fire barricade with my horse
trailer (the get in free card). There were 4 firemen on the front lawn with hoses hooked up to the
water tank by way of a pumper truck, ladders against the house and anything flammable pulled away
from the foundation.  They suggested we stay since if we left they would not let us back in again.  So
we sat on the front lawn and watched the canyon burn.  What is it about fire that is so beautiful and
so frightening at the same time?   As we watch the wind shifted ever so slightly and the fire stayed
on the ridge.  It burned through the night and by the 4 am the following morning all you could see
was the smoke.  My firemen were gone.  At mid morning the wind kicked up and there she was
again, coming over the hill.    A new group of fire fighters arrived at my house, set up shop yet
again!  Wednesday morning a ride by 4 wheeler to the blockade confirms that there is still no way to
get in once you go out.  Back at the house the fire was still coming over the hill, there were spotter
planes and helicopters dropping water and fire retardant.  Again, a shift of the wind and the fire trys
to go back the way it came and burns itself out...for the most part.  
Watching the embers burn on the hills at night is other worldly.  They are mesmerizing like a
firefly.  It is not something I would care to repeat but an experience that I will not forget for a long
time for many reasons.  Certainly for the fear, for the kindness of strangers and friends, for the
concern of loved ones and for the power and kindness of the individuals who in doing there jobs put
you at ease while putting their lives on the line.  I had real heroes in my life for a couple of days.
There are "just in case" firemen at my place right now, all seems quiet.  As I have been told by the
fire fighters, "you are never really sure with fire"
Thursday July 22, 2004
August 16th, 2004
Concrete Foundation
August 24th, 2004  -  Barn Installation begins...
End of Day 1
End of Day 1
The installation crew...the boys from
M.H. Enterprise
. . .  . . . . . . .