Outside Stallions

What is more fun then what feels like a
Christmas present in spring in the form of
lovely new baby.  

And what can add to the fun is when you
don't know exactly what you are going to
get.  That is the case when you breed to a
stallion that does not belong to you.

Find the best quality stallions and match
them to the mares you have.  A dash of
science and a sprinkle of magic and...

Christmas in spring!

Please check back to see our
babies from these beautiful stallions.
Planned breedings for 2018 for 2019 foals
Our mare - Rustica AM
Atlantico Pal son - Nemo de Vida II
Our PRE mare - Cha Cha Moon
Champion Paint Stallion -  Tribune
Our Qualified mare - Cereza XIV
Qualified Stallion -  Festivo MR