Our Beloved little

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Gone from our lives June 28, 2009

Silly, funny, joyful, tough, try anything...
the list goes on and on.  She loved
honey roasted peanuts and would
stare at the jar as long as you were
holding it.  When she was little she
would pick up a rock and do laps
around the front yard as fast as she
could...no, I have no idea why!  But is
was very funny.
She would jump up and ride on the
quad in a bucket just for her.  She
would ride on the tractor too.
She was happiest when she was
with us, touching us if she could.
It was humanly impossible to keep
her off of the furniture...that's where
we were after all.  And that is where
we wanted her.
We miss her terribly and so does her
friend Jackson.
Copyright 2016