Pond Aviary Project

Our original plan was to put a
10,000gallon pond in the front yard.  
We decided to down size to 2,000
gallons and use a funny little piece of
property in the back yard.  It is a
combination pond and aviary.  We
have finches and fat wiggly fish,
orandas, ranchu, and moores...not
There is a removable wall that
separates the aviary from the pond.
In the summer the birds will have
the flight of the entire area.  In the
winter they will remain in the heated
area.  There are two concrete pits
behind the wall to house the pumps,
filter, radiant heat etc.
Plexiglass walls, pondless waterfall,
tropical plants, radiant heat system,
sky light, the list goes on.

We will post photos as the project
goes on.