Idske fan't Skanswyke

Nanno x Reika (Leffert)
Friesian Mare

Movement...   extraordinary ,
with lift, extension and
suspension.  Imported from Holland,  
full pedigree out of Reika a 4 time
Ster + Model  mare and  from a line of
Pref. mares.
S+M, S+P, S+P, S+P   
Modern mare with refined  head and
neck.  Sweet, charming and funny.
Idske has not shown for
Ster due to an injury.
Idske has had 5 extraordinary better than the next.
2016 filly by Petalo de Torre

2015 filly by British Sterling

2011 Fridse 423 filly

2010 Sempatico M x Idske colt

2008 Trovador II x Idske fily

2006 Sempatico M x Idske colt
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