Video - Hottie the Supermodel
Hottie the Supermodel

2010 Azteca Gelding
Working Equitation Prospect

It's Sunday, I'm being lazy and sitting
on the couch looking at the listings
on Craigslist.  Horses of course (it's
always horses...it's a sickness)...and
there he is!  The spotted Andalusian I
have been looking for, for YEARS!!!

You know that ridiculous saying "My
Heart Horse"...I get it!  You know, the
one you would scrub the public
toilets in Grand Central Station for
...on your knees...in cut offs...with a
tooth brush to feed him.

Oh good gracious...I'm a cliché!

We went to our first Working
Equitation clinic 3 weeks after I
bought him.  He hated the bull...a lot!
It was an interesting beginning.  I
think it's going to be fun.