It has been a long time since we had
a driving horse or set foot in  show ring.
It's time again!

Surfing the Internet I came upon a website that deals in new and
used carriages.  
On one of their pages was a beautiful carriage that took my breath
I have half heartedly been looking for a 4 wheel carriage for many
but could not find one that I thought was elegant enough
to purchase...until now.
I ordered one, in black with grey cloth and blood red pin stripping.
Not only does it have shafts for a single horse but a pole for a pair!
I have dreamed of driving a pair.  

A pair!  A goal!  A challenge...I do love a challenge.
Now I have to find them!

On this page you are going to find in the coming months the trials
and tribulations (with photos to prove it) of starting a driving horse
learning to start a pair which I have never done before.
It should be interesting or at the very  least...  amusing.
Copyright 2016